INT-ELECT Electrical Pty Ltd is currently experiencing rapid growth in its customer base. Opportunities exist within our service department for people who are wishing to further their careers.

If you are tired of crawling through roofs and under houses a position within our company maybe for you!

INT-ELECT Electrical can meet all your testing and tagging requirement as required by Australian Standard, AS/NZS3760. Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000 and Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001 employers have certain legal requirements in regards to providing a safe working environment for their employees. Our fully qualified staff can carry out testing, inspection and recording of all equipment whilst following strict guidelines, as safety of our clients and their staff is paramount.

All equipment tested will be recorded and logged and if all safety requirements are met then the flexible lead of the apparatus will be tagged to exhibit the equipment was tested safe, ready for use and is fully compliant with the standard. In the event that any equipment has not met our strict guidelines our technicians are fully qualified to carry out any necessary repairs immediately minimizing down time of the equipment.

**Do not be caught by companies offering these services then being told that they will have to call an electrician to carry our repairs!!! Many companies offer test and tagging services. These services use persons who are not fully qualified Electrical tradespeople and ARE NOT qualified to repair any faulty items.!!!!

It is important for companies to understand that testing of their electrical equipment and installation is the responsibility of the owner of the equipment not the company testing the equipment. INT-ELECT Electrical can provide Maintenance schedules for your firm which includes courtesy calls advising of upcoming due dates for testing.

Upon testing completion a certificate of compliance will be issued to the customer

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