INT-ELECT Electrical Pty Ltd is currently experiencing rapid growth in its customer base. Opportunities exist within our service department for people who are wishing to further their careers.

If you are tired of crawling through roofs and under houses a position within our company maybe for you!
INT-ELECT Electrical Provides thermographic services to assist with predicting potential failures in an effort to prevent down time. Our team will analyse a building’s electrical componentry and diagnose potential threats to the operation before the situation becomes critical. Visual detection of thermal faults are virtually impossible to detect, our thermal diagnostic equipment can quickly and accurately detect any faults and display the temperature of the affected areas.

INT-ELECT Electrical can carry out thermographic preventative maintenance to all switchboards and sub boards. Any abnormalities can be hastily rectified to prevent any risks of power failure or fire. Loose connections, high resistive joints, internal component failure and load imbalances are all examples of possible faults that can be detected. Detail reports are compiled for the customer outlining faults detected and recommendations for repair. If any serious abnormalities are detected our qualified technicians can take immediate action to rectify any problems.

Please contact our staff to organise a preventative maintenance schedule for thermographic services for you company.
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